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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions emailed to us here at Scurvy Command, so we thought we'd compile a list of the most frequently asked questions here. 

If you have a question not answered here, Email Us!

Question: Is this site for "Real"?
Answer: Sadly, Yes.  The real, honest to goodness goal of is to obliterate Scurvy from the face of the Earth by 2050 by simply bringing common awareness to the problem.
Follow Up: Wow, do you think it will work?
Answer: We probably have a better shot at making out with Jessica Alba than actually bringing a global end to Scurvy, a disease that might just be the stupidest and most easily cured disease in Human history, but that doesn't mean that we're not going to give it a shot.  Why don't you Click Here and see how you can Help Us?
Question: Are you making fun of people with Scurvy?
Answer: Nope!  We have simply observed that there are two ways to bring awareness to serious issues:
  1. The first way is make everyone sad with horror stories and sad photos of Scurvy symptoms, such as corkscrew hairs and bleeding gums.  This is effective in the short term, but the interest generated by these means has proven to wane quickly.
  2. The second way is to make people laugh.  If people are happy about something, they tend to look forward to talking about it, rather than dread it.

Giant ToothExample:  That weird dental hygienist who visits elementary schools once a year dressed as the Giant Tooth.  The Giant Tooth tells jokes, hands out toothbrushes and talks about how fun it is to prevent tooth decay.  Kids go nuts for it and inevitably tell their friends and parents about how cool it was, what they learned, etc.  Now, if you were to show those kids a bunch of sad, toothless and diseased people instead... pretty soon they would begin to be afraid of the Giant Tooth and probably not too inclined to brush, either.

Question: What fruit or vegetable has the maximum Scurvy protection?
Answer: No contest - the Australian Kakadu Plum, with over 3100 mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit!  Check out the stats of all other known types of fruit by Clicking Here
Question: Is Scurvy the same thing as Malnutrition?
Answer: No! This is actually a very common misunderstanding, but Scurvy is just one of the accompanying diseases of malnutrition (other such micronutrient deficiencies are beriberi or pellagra) and thus is still widespread in areas of the world depending on external food aid.

Generally speaking, incidences of Scurvy infection by people living in industrialized nations are very rare and usually due to poor dietary choices.

Question: Why is International Scurvy Awareness Day on May 2nd?
Answer: Back in the 1970's the Sunkist corporation attempted to bring awareness to the plight of Scurvy by launching an ad campaign focusing on the health benefits of eating fruit.  Unfortunately, the ad campaign was a complete bust and Sunkist pulled the plug shortly after. As an homage to that early attempt, we have chosen May 2nd for our observance of International Scurvy Awareness Day.
Question: Wow, this is a great Website!  The care and effort you have obviously put into this subject would seem to imply that you have an inordinate amount of free time.  Is that an accurate assessment?
Answer: Without a doubt.  Now go eat a lime!