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We Desperately Need Your Help!

First and foremost, I want to stress that we DO NOT want your money!

We need Volunteers!

What we do desperately need are people willing to volunteer a TINY portion of their time to help us get our limey message out to the world.  Why not check out the list below to see if there is anything on it that you might be able to help us out with?

On May 2nd, reach out to the community and make sure they know about International Scurvy Awareness Day!

Here are some ideas on how to get started:

Green Checkmark Use the Phone to tell others about Scurvy Day!Call into your local radio stations and remind them that May 2nd is International Scurvy Awareness Day!

It's an easy way to reach hundreds of thousands of people all at once and might even score you a free T-Shirt or beverage holder emblazoned with the station call letters!  (Flirt with the host a little and you mind even end up walking away with some free tickets, too!)

Green Checkmark Scurvy InformationIf you are on a College campus, set up a booth and hand out free citrus to your scurvy brethren!

Plus, talk to your Academic advisor - Organizing and implementing a community outreach program (even for just one day a year) can often be submitted as course equivalency for an easy Elective Course Credit!  I actually know a guy who pulled this off organizing an event over the summer break, earning him 3 hours of credit with an "A" grade.

Green Checkmark Coolest Blog Page in the World!Do you maintain a Blog, a website, or even a MySpace page?

Then consider publishing a simple link or one of our free banners on your site for so that your visitors will know that you support the green!

Green Checkmark Wear GreenWear Green on May 2nd!

Throw on a lime green shirt, blouse or necktie and wear it to the office.  When you get there tell your co-workers that you are doing it to support a cause!  You will be idolized by your peers as the type of person who is not only stylish, but also willing to go out of his way to help others.  That's the kind of energetic go-getter that ends up getting the corner office and the company car...

Green Checkmark Nothing gets someone's attention faster than free food!

Instead of the usual Donuts, why not stop off at the grocery store on the way to work and pick up a Key Lime Pie, or mini-tarts, or lemon squares for the company break room.

DID YOU KNOW?  There are actually fewer calories in the average slice of Key Lime pie than in a Krispy Kreme donut!  There are 175 calories in the average Key Lime pie slice vs. over 200 calories in each donut!

Green Checkmark Eat GreenOwn a Bar or Restaurant?  Then throw a Scurvy Awareness Day Promotion on May 2nd! 

Add a special on the menu for Verde or Green Sauce Enchiladas or offer Key Lime pie for dessert!  I guarantee it'll boost your Margarita and Daiquiri sales, and then you can sit back and watch the sales metrics skyrocket!  Be sure to let us know about the event and we'll even give your event free ad space on the website!

Green Checkmark We need Graphic Designers

Are you a graphic designer?  How about donating some some of awesome talent to help create International Scurvy Awareness Day themed desktop images?

We are always in desperate need of new and innovative ways to get the word out about Scurvy Awareness Day - and your skills are just what we need to do it!  We need Desktops, Posters, Commercials - anything that'll remind people to think of Scurvy Prevention on May 2nd!

Green Checkmark Green MusicScurvy Day Song? 

If you can write music, how about putting together an "International Scurvy Awareness Day Anthem"?  We tried to come up with something on our own awhile back, but halfway through it we got distracted by "Guitar Hero" and never got anything put down on paper.

Of course, the group that submits the winning selection will get full credit for it, but if anyone can talk Green Day or Jimmy Buffet into performing it I will personally buy you free beer until you pass out.

Green Checkmark Looking for an easier way to help? 

Maybe you are looking for a way to help the cause but requires the minimal possible amount of effort? No problem!

How about just sending a quick email to a friend or two with a link to  Then they can come and learn about Scurvy Day on their own, leaving you to can sit back and bask in the knowledge that you have given the gift of non-bleeding gums to someone important in your life.

Mr. Boots commands you to observe International Scurvy Awareness Day!
Lime Shirt
Wear some green to support the Scurvy Free cause!
Lime Party
Who's up for some
Karaoke & Margaritas?
Body Shots
Maybe enjoy the great taste of lime with a friend or two?
Green Dog
 Do this to your Dog
Beach Melon
Stop holding back and let your melon know how much you appreciate it!
Romantic Couple
 Spend some time with a Friend and discuss some of the many benefits of being Scurvy Free
Me Time
Take some time out and just enjoy being Scurvy Free
Cycling Jersey
Join a Cycling Team

Let us know what you are doing to Celebrate!

Are you having a party to recognize International Scurvy Awareness Day?  Or planning some other form of public outreach?

Then drop us a line and/or a picture and let us know!  We'll post your pictures of the event here on the site so the world can look on in jealous wonder at your good health!

Click here to Email Us!