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How to Prevent Scurvy?

Simply take in 30mg of Vitamin C per day. That's it.

In fact, in modern times scurvy is rarely seen, due in large part to the abundance of vitamin C in a wide variety of foods and beverages. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits such as oranges, limes, and grapefruit, and vegetables including tomatoes, green pepper, potatoes and many others.

Vitamin C is easily damaged during the food preparation stage, such as during chopping, exposure to air, cooking, boiling, and being submerged in water. The amount of Vitamin C is high enough in most foods that the quantity that remains after processing is usually more than enough for a daily supply.

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin C varies depending upon the source, but typically anywhere from 20 to 40 milligrams per day will guarantee you a Scurvy Free lifestyle. In fact, some studies have shown that as little as 5-7 mg a day will effectively prevent scurvy, and the average American takes in approximately 72 mg a day, more than enough. Also, the liver stores enough vitamin C to last approximately 3 months, just in case.

Official Government Stats

Recommended Daily
Allowances of Vitamin C
RDA (mg)
RDA (mg)
Infants and children
(Birth to 3 years of age)
30-40 20
4 to 6 years of age 45 25
7 to 10 years of age 45 25
Adolescent and adult males 50-60 25-40
Adolescent and adult females 50-60 25-30
Pregnant females 70 30-40
Breast-feeding females 90-95 55
Smokers 100 45-60

Sources of Vitamin C

Now that you know how much Vitamin C you need to take in every day, here are the amounts that are found from Plant and Animal sources.  The charts below will tell you the milligrams of Vitamin C you would typically find in 100 grams of that item.

Plant sources mg of Vitamin C
per 100g of Fruit
Acerola 1600
Amla 720
Apple 6
Apricot, Canned 5
Apricot, Fresh 10
Asian Pear 20
Avocado 8
Babaco 27
Banana 9
Baobab 400
Barbados Cherry 112
Beetroot 5
Bilberry 1
Blackberry 6
Blackcurrant 200
Blueberry 10
Breadfruit 28
Broccoli 90
Brussels sprouts 80
Cabbage raw green 30
Camu Camu 2800
Carambola 19
Carrot 9
Casimiroa 15
Cauliflower 40
Cherimoya 10
Cherry 7
Cloudberry 60
Crabapple 8
Cranberry 13
Cucumber 3
Custard Apple n/a
Eggplant 2
Feijoa, cv. "Mammoth" 16
Feijoa, cv. "Triumph" 14
Fig 2
Grape 10
Grapefruit 30
Guava, Cattley 5
Guava, Tropical 165
Horned melon 0.5
Jujube 500
Kakadu plum 3100
Kei Apple 17
Kiwano 0.5
Kiwifruit, green 74
Kiwifruit, yellow 130
Lemon 40
Lettuce 4
Lime 20
Loganberry 80
Longan 3
Loquat 0.5
Lychee 70
Mandarin orange 30
Mango 20
Marula 60
Medlar 0.3
Melon, cantaloupe 40
Melon, honeydew 20
Mutingia 4
Orange 60
Papaya 55
Parsley 130
Passion fruit 30
Pawpaw / Asimina 15
Peach 7
Peach, Canned 3
Pear 4
Persimmon, American 25
Persimmon, Oriental 60
Pineapple 10
Plum 10
Plum, Java 0.5
Plum, Natal 5
Potato 20
Raspberry 30
Red pepper 190
Redcurrant 80
Rose hip 2000
Seabuckthorn 695
Spinach 30
Strawberry 60
Surinam Cherry 2
Tamarillo, Red 40
Tamarillo, Yellow 30
Tangerine 30
Tomato 10
Watermelon 10
Wolfberry (Goji) 73

Animal sources mg of Vitamin C
per 100g of Meat
Beef liver (raw) 31
Beef steak (fried) 0
Calf liver (raw) 36
Calf veal cutlet (fried) 0
Chicken leg (roast) 0
Chicken liver (fried) 13
Cod roe (fried) 26
Cow milk (fresh) 2
Goat milk (fresh) 2
Hen's egg (raw) 0
Human milk (fresh) 4
Lamb brain (boiled) 17
Lamb heart (roast) 11
Lamb liver (fried) 12
Lamb tongue (stewed) 6
Oysters (raw) 30
Pork bacon (fried) 0
Pork liver (raw) 23
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